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't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim. >>> you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. >>> a powerful storm now ripping through the bay area. heavy rain, gusty winds, flooded everywhere. we'll have details coming up. >>> the u.s. opens fire on libya. what prompted the president's decision and how gadhafi is reacting. >> and swept away by the tsunami. what became of the driver. >> good evening, a stormy day and we're not in the clear yet. another wave of heavy rain and strong winds is moving in at this hour. meteorologist, lawrence has more on that in a minute, but our team coverage begins with don knapp in san francisco and the mess left behind by the storm so far. don. >> and this wet and wild weekend is about to get a little wilder with the wind warnings coming up. there are wind advisories all the way down to the 50-mile an hour winds on the golden gate tonight and on the san mateo bridge. the big rigs and box trucks are restricted. that wind has already don
of rubble used to be one of them. many were vacation homes but some housed elderly people. >> the red cross is going to help them for two weeks but what do they do after that? >> reporter: down hill dozens of businesses are cleaning up. >> packing everything up and moving it out and setting up the rugs. i mean, everything has got to be out of here. >> right now it is impossible to know monetaryly how much damage was done here. but the city of capitola is trying to get state and federal disaster aid. >> i'm feeling frustrated today. >> reporter: scott stein owns this body care business and says everything is now contaminated. >> there should be a recall of every single capitola government official. our inventory is ruined. we will never re-establish business in capitola. >> reporter: it came with the heavy rains last week and they couldn't have predicted it. he said did he. >> if you stop doing maintenance on steel pipe that has been in place for 40 years and don't maintain them this is bound to happen. >> they didn't control all that water coming through. >> reporter: in capitola, anne mako
burning. 100,000 japanese troops are now part of the rescue and recovery effort. u.s. marines have started flying much needed emergency supplies into the hardest hit areas. >> the tsunami that raced across the pacific slammed into northern california ports. it caused so much damage that some harbors remain closed tonight. >>> from the water we get a closer look at the damage left by the tsunami in the santa cruz harbor. >> it's devastating. >> reporter: they're assessing the damage after a series of surges hit friday morning smashing boats together sinking at least 18 of them and ripping docks apart. >> there's a lot of damage as you go down each individual fair way here, but it's unsafe to go down there. we're unsure what's under us. >> reporter: much of the debris is still under water, some of it is being pulled out. >> there's always pollution concern, especially when we don't know what was on board. >> reporter: they're looking for the sheen of oil in this americay water. >> all of the boats that are on the bottom are pleasure craft. >> reporter: which means they can only hold a few ga
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power lines, all from the fierce weekend weather that may not be through with us yet. here is the high definition radar. there are several more off shore that will move through in the next few hours. more on that in a minute. first the impact of the near nonstop him rain. >> winter rain that continued in to the first day of spring should have helped any worries of drought. water levels were high even before the storms. back in january the plug was pulled on alpine dam to make room for hour water. >> the water sucking from the lake and going down -- and it is so loud and raging it shakes the ground beneath you. >> reporter: they were at more near capacity. water district said it's wells are in good shape. snow fall totals in the sierra, the source of water for most of will at 45 feet or more and the snow is good or wet. good fuss for farmers and others who rely on snow melt. snow melt will also fill the areas in the sierra. ever heard of a regulation drought? >> very little to do with how much is available but with regulations and environmental species act act and those kinds of thin
us this is a fairly level yard until the slide dropped at about 15 or 20 feet. now despite a day of little or no rain, the sliding has continued. meanwhile, city officials are drawing up an emergency decloration they hope to have on the governor's desk by monday. the hillside behind and under this san pablo house hasn't stopped sliding since thursday. >> as of right now, it is unstable. they did advise us that the hill is moving and they can't guarantee the houses will be here tomorrow or the day after. >> last night, blanca and their two kids slept in their sliding house for probably the last time. >> we stayed here last night, but it wasn't smart, but we did because we had to pack. everything was cracking, so we knew it was over. >> earlier in the day, friends from church loaded family belongings. blanca watched and became teary eyed as reality set in. >> we were there when they got baptized and they were there when we got baptized. >> three that sit below the slide. conversations turned from grief to responsibility and blame. someone found old pictures of what they said
. egyptian refugees that we are walking into inned knee sha, they are hetting home. u.s. military is taking us back to cairo. battle for control in libya. >> the situation is quiet and peaceful. >> twice today, moammar gadhafi's government claimed it had ticken control of the strategic town of zawia and released gun area footage that moved it. the government pores forces that tried to dislodge rebels once before and beaten back. then they went at it again with a full armored assault. a reporter from britain's sky news is the western correspondent there. >> we have a lot of shelling. they got closer and closer. we now have to take rev refuge inside the mall. >> they are unable to stop them and getting closer and close r. >> the rebels later claimed they were in control of the town, having betten off the government advance then. >> this has been continuous. >> zawis is so critical. by far, the close e rebel to the capital, it's a sign that opposition to gadhafi is not limited to earn libya. in fact, it's getting bolder within tripoli it. >> okay, we won't there. >> opponents of the r
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7